LabTwin’s Voice Powered Lab Assistant

LabTwin is the leading AI-and voice-powered digital lab assistant enabling real-time capture of data (voice transcription, photos, barcode scanning & OCR), providing guidance through working procedures with audio-visual cues, and automatically generating a structured report with the collected data. If its flexibility makes it suitable for R&D exploratory work, it is also built to be compliant with GxP-regulated procedures and is certified for ISO 27001 and 27017. Designed to be the scientist’s companion in the lab, LabTwin is a mobile app available on both IOS and Android devices.

LabTwin’s voice-powered lab assistant leverages voice recognition technology to enhance the productivity and safety of lab scientists while increasing both the quantity and quality of the data captured. It facilitates hands-free documentation, improves its accuracy, and integrates with laboratory informatics systems (ELNs, LIMS, …) to create a more seamless and interactive laboratory experience.

‘‘We realized that even if we have an ELN, scientists don’t stop to enter their data. LabTwin solves that for us with hands-free digital documentation.” Marija, Scientist, Center of Analytical Innovation, dsm-firmenich

Researchers can receive step-by-step audio-visual guidance for experimental procedures through the voice-powered assistant which can be especially helpful for training new personnel or ensuring adherence to standardised protocols.

By integrating the latest Large Language Models (LLMs) into LabTwin voice-powered lab assistant, scientists can readily obtain answers to experimental queries, automatically compute calculations from reliable sources, detect anomalies in collected data, and even receive troubleshooting tips for software and instruments.

LabTwin is already in use in Top Pharma Companies, as well as in the Material Science, Chemical, Nutrition and Consumer Goods industries.

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