Nexera-FV UHPLC – Meeting The Demands Of Modern Digital Labs

The lab of the future thrives on connectivity, automation, and AI-driven insights. Lab 4.0 fosters autonomous robotics, digitalization, and adaptable workflows.

Key challenges include integrating diverse software and managing extensive data. Shimadzu pioneers cross-vendor communication through a user-friendly input platform, empowering modern labs to seamlessly incorporate analytical instruments into autonomous processes.

The Nexera-FV UHPLC is designed to meet the demands of modern digital labs, offering advanced technology for precise and reliable analyses. It includes features such as automated sample injection, gradient elution capabilities, and a user-friendly interface for easy operation.

In a digital lab setting, the Nexera-FV UHPLC can also be integrated into a broader laboratory information management system (LIMS) for seamless data management and analysis. This allows for efficient tracking of samples, method development, and result interpretation.

There is no doubt that analytical tools play a pivotal role in sample analysis and Shimadzu equipment data fuels the machine learning matrix, advancing chemical design, route optimization, and therapeutic innovation.

The Nexera-FV UHPLC system links up to 12 multi-vendor instruments, enabling autonomous analysis through LabSolutions Sync software. Data generated enhances machine learning, refining synthetic routes and therapeutic creation. The Nexera’s digital capabilities further enhance its functionality in the context of data-driven modern digital labs.

Shimadzu: Your partner in automation’s era!

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