Reliable microplate pipetting with Pipetting Aid PlatR

Manual pipetting errors are common and happen daily to students as well as experienced lab technicians.

Avoid all that with Pipetting Aid PlatR – a tablet application specifically designed to eliminate mistakes and facilitate effortless manual pipetting to microtiter plates.

PlatR’s intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate functionalities enable fast user adoption and seamless incorporation into your existing manual pipetting workflow.

PlatR guides you through the plate by illumination of wells according to your pipetting plan. The position light under the well shows you where exactly you should load your next sample or reagent. When using a multichannel pipette, several wells, depending on the number of channels, will be illuminated simultaneously.

This advanced pipetting assistant is used across various fields, from research and pharma to clinical and diagnostic laboratories, as well as in universities, where it serves as an invaluable learning tool for students mastering pipetting techniques.

Besides eliminating pipetting mistakes, PlatR from Biosistemika, enables laboratories to save time, lower costs for expensive reagents, and reduce plastic waste. Calculate your laboratory savings now! Visit the website and enter your data to see how much you can save annually by using PlatR.


Matthew has been writing and cartooning since 2005 and working in science communication his whole career. Matthew has a BSc in Biochemistry and a PhD in Fibre Optic Molecular Sensors and has spent around 16 years working in research, 5 of which were in industry and 12 in the ever-wonderful academia.

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