$19M Series A Funding for Mytos to Automate Human Cell Manufacturing

Uk biotech startup Mytos announced Tuesday it raised $19 million in Series A funding to accelerate the manufacturing and distribution of its automated cell production system. The round was led by Buckley Ventures, with participation from IQ Capital and Wing VC.

Founded in 2018 Mytos has developed a first-of-its-kind platform that fully automates the intricate process of human cell production, which is essential for drug development but painstaking when done manually. The funding will help bring Mytos’ technology to more pharmaceutical and biotech companies looking to speed up their R&D.

Mytos Automated Cell Manufacturing System. Photo credit: Mytos

“With our automated system, our customers love the fact that it’s a simple setup, and they can check how their cells are growing on the weekends from their phone instead of going into the lab.”

Mytos CEO, Ali Afshar.

The Mytos system handles every step of mammalian cell culture, from imaging to passaging and media replacement. It can replicate manual processes in a single day, while ensuring consistent quality and yield. Scientists can check cell viability anytime via smartphones.

The hands-free workflow allows researchers to focus on higher-level tasks rather than spending hours nurturing cell samples. Consistent cell quality also reduces noise in experimental data caused by variability. Mytos can quickly produce heart, brain and other cells essential for testing new drugs. For example, the platform can grow beating heart cells from stem cells in just 12 days. The automation also prevents contamination that often sets projects back by weeks.

The Series A enables Mytos to keep pace with customer demand from both large pharmas and startups. The funding will also support expanding the company’s sales and engineering teams.

In the long term, Mytos plans to tailor its technology for cell therapy manufacturing, which requires an even more stringent process. “Mytos is revolutionizing cell manufacturing, providing a simple solution that pharma and biotech companies can easily integrate,” said Jonathan Choi, Partner at lead investor Buckley Ventures.

The automated platform looks poised to shake up how cell-based products make their way to patients. Drugs and cell therapies that once took months or years to test could reach clinical trials much faster thanks to this funding. We’ll be looking out for future announcements from Mytos.

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