New Open-Source Platform for Building AI-Powered Apps

AnyQuest, a startup focused on making artificial intelligence more accessible to businesses, has released the first open-source version of its low-code platform for creating “cognitive applications.”

Dubbed AnyQuest PyAQ, the platform allows anyone to visually design apps that leverage large AI models to automate business processes and augment human researchers. The goal of AnyQuest PyAQ is to make it faster and easier for companies to prototype and test AI-powered apps before potentially deploying them at scale.

The open-source release comes hot on the heels of the explosion in popularity and capabilities of chatbots like ChatGPT. Chatbots can be useful for answering questions, but have limitations when it comes to precision, integration, and scalability. AnyQuest PyAQ enables developers and business users to visually build flows and scripts that automate tasks by connecting large AI models to existing data and systems.

For example, a company could use PyAQ to create an AI-enhanced error analysis model that draws insights from data inputs, sensors, and sophisticated generative AI algorithms. Or they might build a custom visual interface on top of PyAQ to let users instantly access AI-generated support articles and recommendations.

How AnyQuest views the use of it’s open source system

The low-code aspect allows anyone to build and iterate on these AI apps without intensive programming or data science expertise. And the open-source access lets companies test things out before potentially upgrading to the fuller-featured AnyQuest cloud for multi-user collaboration, security, and scale.

The launch of AnyQuest PyAQ comes at a time when businesses are eager to harness AI, but struggle to effectively leverage it beyond narrow use cases. Cloud providers offer some AI services, but they can be complex to integrate and customize. AnyQuest wants to simplify things for enterprise customers specifically.

The AnyQuest PyAQ platform is available now for free public download on their site. The company offers commercial plans for private hosting, enterprise features, and professional support.

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