Dotmatics Dives Deep into Fluid Dynamics with Acquisition of M-Star

Dotmatics acquires M-Star, expanding R&D capabilities in life sciences and bioprocessing with advanced computational fluid dynamics software

Dotmatics, a renowned name in the field of R&D scientific software, has recently made a significant stride in expanding its influence by acquiring M-Star, a top computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software company located near Baltimore, Maryland. This transaction marks the 13th acquisition by Dotmatics, further broadening its extensive, multimodal platform tailored for life sciences research and development. Moreover, it enhances Dotmatics’ product offerings in the realms of chemicals and material sciences. The integration of M-Star into Dotmatics’ portfolio is poised to foster innovation within the bioprocessing market, particularly in the manufacturing of cell and gene therapies, a critical area in life sciences R&D.

M-Star, recognised for its distinct CFD analysis product, stands out in the market with its accelerated analysis features, exceptional user experience, and its ability to deliver value swiftly, according to Dotmatics’ CEO, Thomas Swalla. Swalla highlighted M-Star’s proficiency in streamlining complex fluid dynamics simulations management. The software aids in perfecting the ‘recipe’ in a simulated setting prior to physical execution, resulting in substantial time and cost savings for its users.

A key attribute of M-Star’s software is its utilisation of GPU acceleration, enabling quicker simulation times crucial for processes that extend over varying durations. This technological edge allows simulations to conclude in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional modeling methods. Furthermore, M-Star comes equipped with integrated post-processing tools, enhancing real-time data analysis and offering photorealistic rendering, thereby enriching the comprehension of simulation outcomes. The software’s integration capabilities extend to enterprise systems, facilitating seamless connections to existing databases and allowing for tailored simulation setups and reporting.

The design of M-Star’s CFD software is user-centric, simplifying the setup and execution of intricate fluid dynamics simulations. This approach allows users to refine processes in a simulated environment before real-world application, sparing them from the conventional intricacies of volume meshing and enabling a focus on defining crucial physical modeling parameters.

M-Star’s enhanced analysis capabilities are attributed to its adoption of GPU-native algorithms. These include the lattice-Boltzmann method for fluid flow modeling, local and explicit time-stepping algorithms for conduction modeling, and BVH-based neighbor search algorithms for particle collisions.

Under the leadership of its founder and president, John Thomas, a distinguished alumnus of Carnegie Mellon and Georgetown, M-Star is set to continue as an independent entity within the Dotmatics structure. This arrangement ensures that M-Star’s customers and partners will benefit from Dotmatics’ support in amplifying the impact, growth, and mission of M-Star, aligning with Dotmatics’ overarching goal of hastening scientific discoveries to cultivate a healthier, cleaner, and safer world.

John Thomas expressed optimism about the merger, recognising the new avenues for growth and scaling that joining the Dotmatics family brings. He anticipates that the acquisition will provide M-Star with access to additional financial resources, business development opportunities, and a strategic partnership that promises mutual benefits for both M-Star and its clientele.

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