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In the world of scientific research, it’s always good to know about the latest tools and services that might help make lab work easier. In this article, we’re highlighting three interesting services that we think are worth looking at if you are looking to streamline your lab and want to outsource to someone who specialises in that sort of thing.


Aims to improve lab research with its voice-activated assistant, helping with data capture and analysis. Their key services are;

  • Voice-activated Digital Assistant: Enables scientists to use voice commands for hands-free data recording and access to information during experiments.
  • Data Integration: Seamlessly connects experimental data with existing laboratory information systems to maintain data continuity and integrity.
  • Analytical Tools: Provides advanced tools for data interpretation, helping scientists make informed decisions based on their research findings
smart voice powered lab assistant LabTwin


Looking to enhance scientific research management through its integrated electronic lab notebook and project management platform. Their key services are;

  • Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN): Centralizes documentation, facilitating easy access and management of experiment records and results.
  • Inventory Management: Integrates inventory tracking with experimental planning, ensuring accurate and timely resource allocation.
  • Project Scheduling: Offers tools to organize and schedule research projects, enhancing team collaboration and project oversight.


Automates and optimises laboratory workflows with advanced robotics and data management solutions. Their key services are;

  • Robotic Automation Systems: Specializes in the integration of robotics to automate repetitive laboratory tasks, increasing throughput and reducing human error.
  • Workflow Integration: Develops tailored solutions that connect various lab equipment and software into a cohesive system, optimising workflow efficiency.
  • Data Management Software: Provides robust data management platforms that support high-throughput screening and comprehensive data analysis, crucial for large-scale studies.

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