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Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) is a key player in the provision of laboratory equipment and supplies, serving the scientific community with a fairly comprehensive range of products essential for modern research and educational laboratories. Known for its broad selection and commitment to quality, SLS supports the pursuits of scientific inquiry across various sectors including life science, industrial research, and education.

The extensive catalogue of SLS features a wide array of laboratory essentials. This includes general lab ware such as beakers, flasks, and pipettes, which are fundamental to daily lab operations. SLS also specializes in more sophisticated instrumentation like spectrophotometers and chromatography systems. Additionally, the company provides a range of consumables and chemicals, ensuring that laboratories are well-stocked with necessary reagents and disposable items.

Beyond the basics, SLS also offers advanced equipment tailored to specific research needs. This includes items for molecular biology such as PCR machines and gel electrophoresis equipment. For clinical laboratories, SLS supplies a variety of clinical waste products and clinical grade equipment.

SLS is not just a supplier but tries to be partner to the scientific community. They offer support services that include equipment maintenance, calibration, and training to ensure that laboratory staff are well-equipped to use their products effectively. Their commitment to customer service is reflected in their responsive support team and in the user cases they explain on their website.

Furthermore, SLS is proactive in staying abreast of the latest technological advancements and regulatory requirements, which is crucial in an industry where innovation and compliance are key. They regularly update their inventory and services to align with current scientific trends and best practices. No more is this apparent than at their free 2-yearly SLS Show where their suppliers share their latest kit. We got to go along to their 2024 show and you can see our coverage on our social media feeds.

Scientific Laboratory Supplies can be an integral part of the science research supply chain. With its comprehensive catalogue and commitment to quality and service, SLS can even play a crucial role in fostering research and education across a multitude of scientific fields. Whether outfitting a new lab or upgrading existing facilities, SLS offers solutions that researchers can rely on to advance their work.

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