Dotmatics Releases Powerful 7.1 ELN Update

Dotmatics announces major ELN and Data Discovery platform upgrade, enhancing interface and user experience.

At a busy mid-June summit in London, Dotmatics, a leading provider of R&D scientific software, announced a significant upgrade to its Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Data Discovery Platform. Released as version 7.1 it introduces a revamped user interface and navigation system designed to add productivity tools and be easier for operators to get started with.

The new version was developed in close collaboration with customers, leading to a simplified navigation system that allows users to switch between data input (ELN) and data output (Data Discovery). This update was focused at boosting the efficiency of scientific research and development, making it easier for scientists to manage and interact with data.

Kalim Saliba, chief product officer at Dotmatics, emphasized that the feedback from users was integral to their redesign. “We’ve listened closely to our users, and Dotmatics ELN and Data Discovery Platform 7.1 gives them a more intuitive and cohesive experience that they are looking for” said Saliba. The update promises to significantly reduce administrative burdens and enhance the overall workflow, thereby accelerating research activities.

Among the notable features in the new release are support for formulated product research, a sophisticated Process Design interface, and the introduction of Multi-Experiment Workflows. These additions are expected to benefit sectors such as chemicals, materials, and life sciences, by providing tools that simplify complex processes and enhance experimental outcomes.

Version 7.1 also integrates with Luma Lab Connect, allowing seamless data exchange and enhancing instrument integration within laboratory environments. This is supported by an advanced Integration Framework that leverages Apache NiFi technology to foster robust API-driven connectivity.

The enhancements are part of Dotmatics‘ ongoing programme to innovation and customer satisfaction, aiming to facilitate faster and more informed decision-making in scientific research. Version 7.1 will be rolled out to customers in the coming weeks, promising to be a valuable upgrade for the global scientific community.

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