Issue 4 Preview: Its All About The Training

Coming soon the best training in Data, AI, Quantum Computing, and more in Lab Horizons’ Issue 4. Engage with us by sharing your experiences and questions! Coming mid-July.

As we approach the midpoint of summer, Lab Horizons is excited to announce that our next issue, set to release in mid-July, will be dedicated entirely to a topic that’s crucial in the fast-evolving landscape of modern research: training.

With a focused lens on the myriad training opportunities within the research community, this next edition aims to be an indispensable guide for researchers eager to deepen their understanding of Data Science, AI, Quantum Computing, Programming, Sustainability in digital practices, and Automation.

Understanding the rapid pace at which these domains are evolving, we recognise the critical need for researchers to stay updated and proficient. Therefore, Issue 4 of Lab Horizons will delve into the most current and impactful training programs and workshops designed specifically for researchers. Whether you’re a data scientist looking to enhance your AI skills, a programmer interested in quantum computing, or a researcher exploring sustainable practices in your work, this issue will have something for you.

In our upcoming issue, readers can look forward to comprehensive overviews of key resources, including expert-led online courses, hands-on workshops, and seminars. We will explore how these programs are tailored to meet the needs of researchers at various stages of their careers—from beginners to advanced practitioners. Additionally, we’ll provide insights into how these training opportunities can be integrated into daily research activities, thereby enhancing efficacy and innovation.

Lab Horizons is not just about providing information; we’re about building a community. Hence, we invite all our readers to engage with Issue 4 actively. Have you participated in any training that transformed your research practice? Do you have questions about navigating the complexities of these fields? We encourage you to submit your questions and share your experiences. Your insights could help shape our content and assist fellow researchers in their educational journeys.

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Matthew has been writing and cartooning since 2005 and working in science communication his whole career. Matthew has a BSc in Biochemistry and a PhD in Fibre Optic Molecular Sensors and has spent around 16 years working in research, 5 of which were in industry and 12 in the ever-wonderful academia.

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