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Here at Lab Horizons two of our biggest topics are AI and Automation and nothing gets us more excited than when these two are combined and used in harmony to improve lab workflows.

Shimadzu, a well known player in analytical instrumentation, has a cutting-edge method development system for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), characterized by its integration of AI, automation and user-oriented design. This system is embodied in the LabSolutions MD software.

At the heart of Shimadzu’s method development system is the ability to automate much of the traditionally labor-intensive process of setting up and testing different chromatography conditions. The software aids in the meticulous planning of experiments, deploying design of experiments (DOE) techniques like the Box-Behnken and central composite designs. These techniques allow the evaluation of multiple variables simultaneously, which significantly reduces the number of experimental runs needed while ensuring comprehensive data analysis.

Moreover, Shimadzu’s system integrates artificial intelligence to enhance method optimisation. This AI-driven component can predict optimal gradient conditions, ensuring peak separation and resolution that meet specific criteria. This feature is not only a testament to Shimadzu’s commitment to innovation but also serves to substantially cut down development time and enhance the efficiency of the research process.

The flexibility of the LabSolutions MD software is another significant advantage. It supports automatic switching between different columns and mobile phases, including the capability for automated blending. This adaptability enables researchers to explore a wider range of chemical analyses and applications, making it a versatile tool in any laboratory setting.

Further, the system is designed to be compatible with Shimadzu’s Nexera and i-Series HPLC systems, aiming for integration into existing setups. This compatibility underscores Shimadzu’s approach to developing interconnected technologies that enhance user experience and improve analytical accuracy.

Shimadzu’s method development system reflects a broader trend in the analytical industry towards automation, precision, and user-friendly interfaces. By reducing the complexity and time required for method development, systems like this one not only boosts laboratory throughput but also enables scientists to focus more on the interpretation and application of their results rather than on procedural setup.

For laboratories looking to enhance their analytical capabilities, Shimadzu’s system offers a robust, innovative solution that marries technology with practicality, ensuring high-quality results that are both reliable and reproducible. For more detailed information, you can visit Shimadzu’s dedicated page on their method development system here.

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