Three Stories About AI Preparedness, Plummeting Financing, and Materials Science

Laboratory News is our partner magazine and has been a regular part of science life since it was first published in 1971. Laboratory News (Lab news) is a great source of news analysis, comment and detailed technical articles covering a wide range of lab topics.

Below is a collection of the best Lab News articles from the last month, which we think do a great job of telling stories we’ve not managed to cover in Lab Horizons but are well worth a read. Click through to read the stories, you won’t be disappointed.

Less than one third of life science experts polled in a Pistoia Alliance survey say they are coping with the issues of AI regulation and adoption in their sector… read more.

SME financing for the UK medicines pipeline plunged 43% between 2020 and 2022, suggests the Medicines Discovery Catapult’s most recent State of the Discovery Nation report… read more.

A joint research team from two UK universities has employed computational design to develop new metal-free porous framework materials using cheap and abundant mon-metallic elements… read more.


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