Learn all about Cleanzone 2024: Networking and Knowledge Transfer in Cleanroom Technology

Cleanzone 2024, the premier international trade fair for cleanroom and cleanliness technology, will convene global industry leaders in Frankfurt am Main on 25 and 26 September.

Leading suppliers from all areas of cleanroom technology have registered for Cleanzone 2024. The conference will feature an extensive and informative programme, facilitating knowledge transfer among suppliers, users, and experts.

Cleanzone 2024 will host exhibitors from approximately 15 countries, with a third of them being new participants. The event will not only feature established suppliers but also a significant number of start-ups, particularly from the fields of particle measurement, digitalisation, and qualification. This year, Cleanzone will serve as a showcase for the latest innovations in cleanroom technology. The exhibitor search function will be available on the event’s website from 3 July 2024, enabling attendees to explore the diverse range of participants.

The Cleanzone Conference: Driving Industry Trends

The Cleanzone Conference will once again present cutting-edge visions and address current industry trends. Key topics will include energy efficiency, new cleanroom concepts, and digitalisation. With stringent regulatory environments, such as the new Annex 1, requiring significant automation, the conference will address the high standards for product and personal protection necessary in cleanroom environments.

The first day of the conference, organised by Messe Frankfurt in collaboration with the Vogel Communication Group, will feature keynote speaker Gernot Dittel from Dittel Engineering. His address will explore the insights the cleanroom industry can gain from space research. Hans Eder from ZETA GmbH will highlight cost-cutting potentials offered by energy-efficient HVAC and utility solutions. Holger Saal from Kyoobee Tech will share his expertise on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs).

The second day, organised by the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies (ICCCS), will include presentations by notable speakers such as Conor Murray, ICCCS Chairman, who will discuss “The Future of Contamination Control” and “Global Challenges in Cleanrooms for Energy Management”. Other speakers include Matts Ramstorp on “Garments in Future Class B Cleanrooms” and Hasim Solmaz, ICCCS Secretary General, on “New GMP Annex 1 + Contamination Control Strategy”. For detailed programme information, visit Cleanzone Programme.

Celebrating Innovation: The Cleanzone Award

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence are transforming the cleanroom industry, enhancing both sustainability and profitability. The Cleanzone Award, presented in collaboration with Wiley and its publication “ReinRaumTechnik”, aims to support companies in bringing innovative solutions to the market. Submissions for the award, which can be made until 1 July 2024, should focus on innovations that improve clean production processes. A high-calibre jury will nominate up to five outstanding concepts to be showcased at Cleanzone, with the winner, determined by public vote, receiving a €3,000 cheque. Submissions can be made via Cleanzone Award 2024.

Key Themes Shaping the Industry

Cleanzone 2024 will reflect the key themes influencing the industry: technology and innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability, and education, lifelong learning, and qualifications. These themes will be central to the offerings at the stands and the expert conference programme.

Technology and Innovations: This theme emphasises the crucial role of technology and innovation in cleanroom operations across various industries, from automotive production to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Cleanzone will display the latest technological advancements and innovative solutions.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: With the EU’s Green Deal introducing new regulations, cleanroom specialists face challenges and opportunities related to energy optimisation and sustainability. The event will provide a platform for discussing and exchanging ideas on energy-saving solutions and sustainable practices.

Education and Lifelong Learning: As the cleanroom industry continues to grow, the demand for qualified personnel is crucial. Continuous training and lifelong learning are essential for maintaining the specialised knowledge required for planning and operating cleanrooms. Cleanzone will also serve as a platform for recruitment and professional development.

An Interdisciplinary and International Event

Cleanzone brings together a diverse range of industries, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest solutions for production and research. The event will attract exhibitors and visitors from various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, healthcare, food technology, microelectronics, optics, aerospace, and automotive industries.

The 2022 Cleanzone event underscored its importance, with 54% of visitors being high-ranking corporate decision-makers and 46% intending to make significant investments. Visitors from countries such as the Netherlands, Türkiye, Switzerland, Ireland, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Sweden attended the event. Satisfaction rates were high, with 91% of visitors and 92% of exhibitors expressing positive feedback.

For more information and to participate in Cleanzone 2024, visit Cleanzone 2024.

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