AI/LLM content policy

Lab Horizons Magazine incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) into its content creation process however, no content is ever exclusively written by AI (or LLM).

As we cover in our articles AI can be an important tool both for research and for workflows when used ethically and correctly.

In the realm of research, AI serves as an invaluable tool for our editorial team. It quickly summarises extensive documents and research papers, translating complex topics into accessible, digestible content for us to assess. This function is essential for keeping our magazine at the front of new developments, ensuring our articles are as relevant and informative as we can.

The editing and proofreading stages of our content production also benefit significantly from AI and LLMs. These technologies assist in refining language use, ensuring grammatical precision, and upholding the consistency of our magazine’s editorial standards. This process ensures that every article meets our high-quality benchmarks for clarity and readability.

Moreover, AI plays a creative role in our magazine by generating unique image thumbnails that accompany some of our content. These AI-generated images are crafted to visually complement and enhance the articles, adding an extra layer of engagement for our readers. We always credit the source AI engine for these images, underscoring our commitment to transparency and ethical use of AI-generated content.

We would again like to emphasise that no content is exclusively written by AI or LLMs. Our editorial team collaborates with these technologies, ensuring that every piece of content reflects the magazine’s voice and vision. This hybrid approach allows us to leverage the strengths of AI while maintaining the invaluable human touch that is essential to quality writing and content production.