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Lab Horizons is dedicated to all things science, with a focus on AI, Automation, Machine Learning, Simulation, Data Management, Lab Connectivity, Instrument Integration, and Digital Sustainability. Our digital magazine, website and e-newsletter provides a multi-channel hub for scientists, researchers, and tech enthusiasts alike.

What does Lab Horizons aim to do?

In modern-day labs, researchers can now explore a wide range of scientific questions and scenarios which can significantly accelerate the research process by enabling rapid experimentation and analysis. Much of this requires robust data storage and management systems to store simulation data as well as experimental results, and research documentation. Processes like these emphasise data integration and interoperability between various instruments and systems and Lab Horizons aims to cut through the noise and make sense of it all!

By using our advertising and content creation services, you’ll be demonstrating that your business is actively engaged with industry developments, which can attract customers seeking up-to-date and knowledgeable providers.

Our website

A more collaborative relationship between our digital magazine and website is the key to success. By combining and uniquely optimising the content from both platforms, we can offer a more comprehensive and diverse range of information to your audiences. This works by giving readers of the digital magazine access to additional web content, while website visitors can discover more in-depth articles and features in the magazine, thus leveraging the strengths of each platform to benefit readers, visitors and advertisers.

This consistency can help build product and brand recognition and builds trust among your audience. Providing links or seamless integration between the digital magazine and website improves the overall user experience – users can easily navigate between content, increasing their satisfaction and their willingness to interact with your advertising content too. We can provide leaderboard, billboard, MPU, video and content advertising across the site. Let us help you to tell your story.

Our digital magazine

The Lab Horizons digital magazine is not just a source of information; it’s a community, a platform for exchange, and a celebration of curiosity.

Advertising in the Lab Horizons digital magazine will provide a dynamic and cost-effective way to reach a wide and engaged audience, offering flexibility, interactivity, and precise targeting.

We can include interactive elements such as clickable links, embedded videos, animations, and audio. Other options include advertorial style content/article creation services and infographics. We can also accommodate a variety of other standard ad formats, from landscape strip ads to full-page and double page spreads. Or if you have other ideas, let us work with you to create something unique that can also run alongside our other channels seamlessly.

The interactive nature of our digital magazine encourages your potential customers to share articles, content and advertisements on social media and via email. This can amplify the reach of your advertising as readers share content with their work colleagues and other people in their networks. 

Ask us how we can help.

Our social media channels

We are uniquely integrated and distributed using social media. We develop content that provides value to your audiences. For our own postings, expect to see behind-the-scenes content, polls, Q&A sessions with experts and much more. To align with advertiser objectives, we’ll also work with you to include your product updates, industry insights, applications, problem-solving scenarios, how-to guides, customer testimonials, and engaging visuals, including video. We’ll also include trending topics and hashtags in your industry and participate in relevant conversations to engage your important communities. We’ll always ensure that your content aligns with your brand’s voice and values and this guarantees theme relevancy at all times. You can find us on X, Mastodon, Instagram, Facebook, Threads and LinkedIn as well as TikTok and Youtube. 

Our content creation and creative advertising packages provide valuable tools for customer interaction, product showcasing and brand promotion in today’s digital landscape. Ask us how we can help.

Our newsletter

Subscribing to a newsletter can create a sense of community and connection. Readers feel like they are part of an exclusive group that shares common interests and experiences.

There is a seamless link between the Lab Horizons digital magazine, social media channels, website and newsletter. They combine to provide a direct line of communication between your business and our engaged audiences. Our newsletter provides a summary of the content from other channels, as well as strategically positioned banner and product advertising messages.

People subscribe to email newsletters because they perceive value in the content or benefits they will receive. Effective newsletters cater to these motivations and consistently deliver content that meets subscribers’ expectations. The Lab Horizons newsletter gives advertisers the opportunity to reach a specific and engaged audience that has voluntarily subscribed to receive content related to their interests or needs. Ask us about the advertising options.

Why go multi-channel?

Combining your content and advertising across several related channels offers many advantages for businesses seeking to reach and engage their target audience effectively. Multi-channel advertising fosters better customer engagement. It enables you to interact with your audience across different stages of the customer journey, from awareness to expert validation to consideration and ultimately conversion. 

Just like a connected lab, we can help you to join the dots when it comes to your advertising placements and the management of those campaigns. Allow us to help you tell your story in the best way possible.

To enquire about advertising, content creation and social media support, please contact:

Andy Long
+44 (0)1442 200659


Digital magazine advertising formats
  • Page Sponsor Strip ad – £250
  • Product Showcase slot – £150-£300
  • Quarter page – £250
  • Half Page – £395
  • Full page – £700
  • DPS – £1200
  • Inside front cover (full page) – £900

Additional Elements

  • Video Embed – £150

Digital magazine content formats

  • Advertorial 1-Page (submitted) – from £800
  • Advertorial 1-Page (created*) – from £1200
  • Double and three-page advertorials also available

*Content created by us, using text and images you supply in generic form

Website advertising
  • Banner (728 x 90) leaderboard – £400 per month
  • MPU (300 x 250) – £300 per month
  • Article/content branding – £150 per article (annual packages available)
Social Media packages
  • Six posts (over 10 days) on all Lab Horizons accounts – from £450
  • As above with 1 video post – £595

Content created by us, using text and images you supply in generic form

Campaign-led post packages are designed to work around your own internal or external promotions or to run alongside other Lab Horizons campaigns in the magazine, website and newsletter. Please ask us about our content packages for maximum exposure!